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Twelve pieces in twelve weeks
Allemande from French Suite No.1 by J.S. Bach. Played by Stephen Owen.

Part 2 of 'Twelve pieces in twelve weeks'. 'Clare de lune' is one of those pieces that you keep meaning to get around to. I find it's one of the pieces that people would like to learn when they begin to learn piano. I have meant to learn it for years and finally I've done it. Hope you like it.

This is probably one of the best known piano solos of all time. It was written on 27th April 1810 in Beethoven's 40th year. It was written when Beethoven was profoundly deaf. Six years later he would be totally deaf. I included it in my twelve pieces because just about every new pupil I have ever met has wanted to play it. The thing is that the only really know of the main melody. This is the whole thing. Enjoy.

Week four of the Twelve week challenge. 'The little shepherd' by Claude Debussy. Written in 1908, this is a bit like one of Debussy's other piano pieces; 'La fille aux cheveux de lin' or 'The girl with the flaxen hair' which was written the following year. Maybe it was a sketch for it, maybe not. I like both.

This is a quick arrangement of one of those tunes that I keep coming back to. It has been a busy week.

After a lovely week off in the Cotswolds it's now week 6 of Twelve pieces in twelve weeks. This week it's Schumann and a piece called 'Frühlingsgesang' which means Spring Song, as far as my basic German tells me.

'Oh, lady be good' by George Gershwin. This one is for my dad. He used to play this sort of thing by ear when I was a kid. The arrangement is by Gershwin himself from a book called 'Gershwin at the keyboard'. I hope you enjoy it.

Written by Robert Schumann on 24th February 1838, this is the most popular piece from 'Kinderzenen' and some would say, the entire piano repertoire. It really had to be one of the twelve.

This came out the blue. I was asked to play this for someone and had totally forgotten that we did something with Fauré's Requiem when I was at college. Anyway, Mrs. Owen really liked it and so did I so with a bit of a rewrite from myself because I couldn't find a solo piano arrangement of it, here is week nine's piece; 'In paradisum' by Gabriel Fauré arranged a bit by me. Do please like and subscribe.

As it has been the first week of Advent I decided that this week I would do an arrangement of one of my favourite festive tunes; O come, O come Emmanuel. I have tried to create something different. I'm happy with it but let's see if anyone else is. Comments below please.

Written in 1938, 'Over the rainbow' is possibly one of the best known tunes of the 20th Century. Christmas wouldn't be complete without it. In 2015 the ABRSM asked Dave Stapleton to write this arrangement of 'Over the rainbow'. I really liked it and so did one or two of my pupils that played it. So here it is on my list of 'Twelve pieces in twelve weeks'.

Well, that's it. Twelve pieces in twelve weeks' done. I have actually looked at quite a lot more than the twelve but the twelve that are here are the twelve that I felt that people would enjoy the most. So, Trioka. This piece says 'Christmas' to me more than any other. I have no idea why but there it is, and as it is Christmas in 4 days time it seems appropriate to finish with this. Thank you to those that have followed 'Twelve pieces in twelve weeks' and to those that made comments or liked or even shared. Every one of them is greatly appreciated. All that remains is to say 'Merry Christmas' and wish everyone a very happy 2019. Merry Christmas!

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