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Twelve pieces in twelve weeks

In September 2018 I decided to learn twelve pieces in twelve weeks. 

I am not inviting requests, which may seem a bit harsh, but that's because I really wanted to play pieces that I would request, so the list was already fundamentally chosen; if you can fundamentally chose a list, that is. 
The idea is that each week I will learn a piece, record it and post it on YouTube and publicise it on Facebook. 
Why am I doing it? First of all; because I can. I've been a musician since I started playing at seven years old, and have spent my entire life playing, writing or teaching music. That is over 50 years in which hardly one day has gone by when I didn't play some music. Secondly, I like a challenge. After all of that time I still feel that I have barely scratched the surface of that that is piano repertoire or if you like; piano music. Some might find that ridiculous after all of that time but I think it's really healthy. Go to any music shop and browse the shelves containing their stock of piano music and you'll get some idea of how vast piano repertoire is. Bear in mind that that will only be a fraction of what is available and that that has to be a fraction of what has been written. It's mind blowing. So here we go on a mini adventure. I seriously hope that you enjoy the trip and please feel free to make any comments that you want to.

You'll find the videos here

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