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These are some of the pieces I have written and recorded over the last few years. Feel free to have a listen.

Full of eastern promise - as they used to say about a certain chocolate bar. This is my attempt at merging east and west. It seems to work. Savour a piece of chocolate while you listen to it

Very electronic, unashamed sequencing. I think it's a bit remeniscent of Howard Jones from the 80s. I rarely use the quantize (cheat) button so this was played pretty much as it is.

When you discover that your Great great grandparents came over from Ireland it gives you the perfect excuse to write something with a Celtic flavour. So I did. It seemed to have a bit of the pirate in there too, hence 'Seadogs'

Free form jazz sequence that rolls around presenting a new angle each time. I was aiming for a modern jazz meets electronica feel. Keep an open mind as you listen.

This is what happens when you spend your youth watching 'Shoestring', 'Dixon of Dock Green' and' Z Cars'. It had to happen.

More folky stuff. This time written and recorded on the Kronos the week after it arrived. Designed to wake you up gently rather than the usual alarm clock rumble.


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